Kappa Phi Chapter at LaGrange College

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Kappa Phi

Anna Hawthorne


WHAT. IS. UP. EVERYBODY. My name is Anna Hawthorne. I am currently a Theatre major with a Psychology minor. I am so excited to love on and serve every unique soul that is in Kappa Phi Phi Mu. I joined Phi Mu in the year of 2016 and have loved the journey it has taken me on ever since. Each lady in Kappa Phi has a unique vibe that makes this chapter so incredibly special to serve. What an honor it is to be apart of the chapters amazing EC for 2018. This year will be filled with more joy and more freedom!!! LETS GO!!!

Jordan Simmons

Vice President

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan Simmons and I am Kappa Phi's VP! It is truly an honor and blessing to be involved in this amazing chapter! I am a sophomore early childhood education and TESOL minor and I hope to one day become a special education teacher. After going through recruitment just last semester this chapter has changed my life for the best and I cannot wait to see the positive impact the chapter continues to have on all of its member and the surrounding community!

Kayla White

Phi Director

Helllooo! My name is Kayla White and I am a junior Graphic Design major from good ole Paulding County Georgia! I am honored to serve as this year’s Phi Director. I am so ready for bid day and getting to know all of our future new members! {@pledgeclass’18 IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN!} Anyway, Phi Mu is and always will be such a big part of my heart, because I have seen what this organization has done for so many women and who it has brought me to. I will be forever be thankful for the opportunity to join such a sisterhood!

Elissa Chandler

Membership Director

Hello, my name is Elissa Chandler and I am a rising junior Religion major from Pike County, Georgia. I am very excited to serve as the Membership Director this year. I fell in love with Recruitment from the moment I stepped foot on LC. Transitioning to college can be quite scary and overwhelming, but there is nothing more comforting than finding your home away from home. This is what I have found in Kappa Phi, and I can't wait to share a little bit of my love for Phi Mu with everyone else!!

Payton Smith

Panhellenic Delegate

Hey y'all! My name is Payton Smith and I am a Pre-Engineering major and Math minor from Charlotte, NC. I have the privilege of serving my sweet sisters as the Kappa Phi chapter's Panhellenic Delegate. My job is to be the communication line between our Phi Mu chapter and the other Greek Organizations on campus. I want to spread love to not only my sisters in Phi Mu, but my Panhellenic sisters as well. My goal is strengthen our relationships with the other chapters and give our full support to the rest of the campus. Going six hours away for college was pretty difficult, but by joining Phi Mu, I have never felt more at home.

Hayley Hall

Social Chariman

HEY GUYS!! My name is Hayley Hall and I’m a Junior Exercise Science major from Mcdonough, Georgia! I am currently the Social Chair of Phi Mu Kappa Phi and I absolutely LOVE everything about it!! I joined Phi Mu because I loved everything that this chapter stood for and of course, the feeling I got in my heart every time I walked in the room. Everything about Phi Mu felt like a family! I am forever thankful to have found my home away from home and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! LIOB forever and always!

Libby Compton


Hellooo!! My name is Libby Compton. I am a sophomore mathematics major. I am beyond blessed to be serving at the treasurer for Kappa Phi. I can honestly say that Phi Mu has changed me for the better! I’m so excited to see what the future holds for my sisters.

Skylar Crowe

Public Relations Chairman

Hello everyone! My name is Skylar Crowe and I am a freshman biology major! I am honored to serve Phi Mu Kappa Phi as Public Relation Chair! In my short time as a Phi Mu, I have grown to love and adore every aspect of what it has to offer. My sisters mean the world to me and I cannot wait to find opportunities for us to go out in the community and spread our love and helping hands!

Montana Schwebs


Hello everybody! My name is Montana Schwebs and I am a psychology/math double major from Canton, GA. I am blessed to serve Phi Mu Kappa Phi alongside these lovely and passionate women as the secretary for our chapter. I ran to Phi Mu this past fall and have never looked back. My sisters support me in every endeavor including everything from struggling through classes to sleeping in enos together! These sisters love so well and I cannot wait to serve them as a member of this EC.

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